Tab with shallot

15,90 €


13,50 €

piece of French meat breed (limousine, salers, Charolais, blonde of Aquitaine ...) according to our selection butcher of the moment


15,50 €

according to our selection of the moment

Home Burger

12,90 €

Chopped steak of beef, local cheese, grilled porc belly, tomatoes, salad


15,90 €

Entrecote steak whith shallots


Duck breast

17,50 €

whole, juice in the style of the chef

Confit of duck

12,50 €

kept under fat


Half hock of black pork, Tonneins style

13,90 €

Black Pork Shank of Combes (Lot et Garonne) long cooked in broth casserole in the oven, local specialty, served with a garlic bread

Andouillette of Périgord

11,50 €

mustard sauce


Lombard cutlet

14,50 €

Veal cutlet topped with ham and cheese

Norman Escalope

14,50 €

Veal cutlet with cream and mushrooms

Escalope Sarladaise

17,50 €

Veal cutlet with cream and ceps mushrooms

Veal head

13,50 €

Boiled calf's head, hard boiled egg and herbs vinaigrette, served with boiled potatoes

Axoa of veal

13,90 €

slices of veal with sweet and hot green peppers

Homemade belly of veal

13,50 €

served with toasted bread and boiled potatoes